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Garage Door Repairs

In these tough economic times, maintenance and refurbishment makes far more sense than replacement.
Most improvements or refurbishments on houses and gardens end up costing far more than was originally expected. By trying to do as much of the work yourself within your capabilities is going to help at times like these.
Garage doors for example are items that if working properly are marvellous and can add to a properties aesthetics and value. We all take for granted the opening and closing of the garage door on a day to day basis, usually with very little though as to any routine maintenance!
So imagine the horror when the cables, rollers spindles, springs or even the garage door handle breaks and you are left unable to gain access to your car, motorcycle, freezer or garden equipment!
An old garage door can look shabby and make the whole property look less desirable especially when it comes to selling a property. A well looked after garage door in good decorative order is all part of the external appeal of a house. Routine maintenance of oiling all moving parts can prolong the life of any garage door, especially if near to the coast. (salt erosion)
The cables and cones or even the garage springs are the main components on garage doors that do tend to need replacing first usually due to wear and tear or damage, if fitted correctly and with routine maintenance there is no reason the running parts should not last average 20 years or more!!
The cables and springs can often be easily and cost effectively replaced.

Never try to repair a broken cable or garage door spring!

Follow the Fitting Instructions - Fitting Instructions  Adobe

Most garage door repairs can be carried out with relative ease, and at the same time saving you money!!

If changing garage door cables yourself, there are some important points to follow:

1. Read carefully any Instructions that are available for your door

2. Always replace both cables/wires at the same time

3. Always replace both or all garage door springs at the same time!

4. Make sure that you have the correct tools available to enable you to complete the job

5. Make sure that you have the correct garage door parts for the repair.

(If you are replacing the garage door cables, please also check the roller spindles for wear, as this is a good time to also replace them)

6. Always oil all moving parts.

How to identify the make of your Garage Door!

Finding the make of your garage door is important in order to obtain the correct parts.
This information if not known straight away can be found using the points below:

1. Firstly look on the garage door handle, this usually gives you the manufacturers name, ie, Henderson, Cardale, Garador etc.

2. If there is no name on the lock, then look inside the garage, usually on the inside of the garage door there is a manufacturers label, ie, Wessex, Birtley, Bonsack etc

3. If you still cannot find any name or manufacturers labels on the garage door then you can e-mail a photo to me and I will try to identify it for you!


Please send photos to this email address: gdsuk@icloud.com

Please make sure all photos that are sent are:

  • Clear and Bright!

  • Of the part you are needing! ie, Garage door lock, roller spindles.

  • Inside and outside garage door photos help!

  • Please reduce size of photo if possible!

    How to identify which Garage Door Springs to purchase!

    If you are unsure as to the make of your garage door springs?
    Please take a look at our: *Garage Door Spring PDF Guide*  Adobe

    If you cannot open the PDF File please download the latest version of Adobe Reader Get Adobe Reader


    Safety is always important when carrying out maintenance work yourself. Before attempting to carry out any maintenance or repairs to a garage door it is important to read carefully any Instructions provided for that particular make of door and also to make sure you have all the correct parts and tools necessary to enable you to complete the repairs!
    Remember the springs on garage doors are usually held under a good deal of tension.
    Finally, before any work is attempted on the garage door, the tension on the spring or springs must be isolated or released, only after this has been done can any work be completed in safety.

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