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Fitting Instructions

Do you require help fitting your Garage Door Springs?

Fitting Instructions for Garage Door Repairs
The most Comprehensive Set of Fitting Instructions on the Internet!

Most of the Fitting Instructions have been produced by myself, they are designed in a step by step easy to follow format which will help with the fitting of new cables, springs, roller spindles or general routine maintenance.

*I am constantly updating and adding more Fitting Instructions, if the Instructions for your garage door part is
not yet listed please ask for assistance.*

The Fitting Instructions will help with the following type of repairs.

How to replace cones and cables for the most popular up and over garage doors!

How to change garage door roller spindles!

How to add more tension to Henderson / Cardale / Wessex / King Overhead Canopy Main Spring!

How to fit Overhead Canopy Door Springs to some of the most popular garage doors! including
Henderson, Garador, King and Wessex.

Fitting Instructions are in PDF Format  Adobe
If you cannot open the PDF File please download the latest version of Adobe Reader Get Adobe Reader

Fitting Instructions for the most popular makes of Garage Doors:

Henderson - you can follow these instructions for some repairs on Wessex, Birtley and King cables and overhead canopy springs

Garador - can be used also for repairs on Westland and Catnic Cables, Springs and Roller Spindles

Cardale - can also be used for repairs to most Wessex, Wickes, Apex Cables, Springs and Roller Spindles

King - For any overhead canopy spring repairs see Henderson

Wessex, Apex, Wickes - Please see Cardale Fitting Instructions, except for some Wessex Overhead Springs

Fitting Henderson Cones and Cables

Similar Principle for some Cardale, Wessex, Wickes, King, Birtley, Bonsack, Apex,
Garage Doors that have a main canopy spring above the door.

How to Tension a Main Spring on a Henderson Gargage Door

Henderson, Merlin and Doric Fitting Instructions

Henderson Cones and Cables Fitting Instructions  Adobe

Fitting Instructions for the Cables with looped ends.

Similar principle for Henderson Premier Cables with nipple ends!

These instructions can be used for some Wessex, King and Birtley Garage Doors.

Henderson Roller Spindles Fitting Instructions  Adobe

Fitting Instructions for Henderson Roller Spindles with nut and circlip fixings

Henderson Overhead Canopy Main Spring Fitting Instructions
henderson main spring
These instructions can be used to replace similar Wessex, King and Birtley
main overhead springs.

Garador, Catnic and Westland Fitting Instructions
Garador Spring Box Fitting Instructions  Adobe garador spring box
Also Fitting Instructions for replacement of Westland, Catnic
obsolete spring boxes with metal covers!

Garador Mk3C Cables Fitting Instructions  Adobe

Fitting Instructions for Garador Mk2, Mk3c, S/S doors.

garador mk3c cables

Garador MK4F Spring Fitting Instructions  Adobe


Cardale, Wessex, Apex and Wickes Fitting Instructions

*Cardale make most parts for Wessex, Apex and Wickes garage doors.
Cardale CD45 Cones and Cables Fitting Instructions  Adobe

Fitting Instructions for Cardale Cones and Cables
These cones have the 22mm plastic nut to the tapered end of the cone.

cardale cones cables
These instructions can also be used for Wessex, Apex, Wickes Garage Doors
that are also fitted before 2001 with the same plastic cones!

Cardale CD Professional Cables Fitting Instructions  Adobe

These Cardale Doors have the Anti Drop Mechanism,
and is fitted with the Roller Spindles as pictured below

cardale cables cardale cables
These cables are also fitted to Wessex, Apex, Wickes Garage Doors
from 2001 onwards

Henderson Repair Kit
Garage Door Repair Tools