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Garage Door Springs
Henderson, Garador, Wessex ,Westland, Cardale, Compton, Marley, and Birtley

A huge selection of garage door springs and spares to buy online from a Company
that is qualified and experienced in repairs, with a helpful customer service to match.

As a family business we can keep our prices low, and even provide
you with Full Colour Fitting Instructions.  Adobe

Ask Richard if you require any help!

"Our aim is to supply you with the Right Product at the Right Price"

Every week lots of garage doors break in the UK, through general wear and tear or misuse!
Companies can be called out to fix your door, but will charge extortionate amounts.

We can provide you with the New Springs - Fitting Instructions,
and Better Customer Service, whilst saving you Money!

Lets us now get your Garage Door Working like New!!

*We post all orders on a daily basis*
All prices include VAT at current rate.

How do I know which Garage Door Springs to buy?

Do you know the make of your door?

Yes -- Click on the manufacturers name on the left hand side of the website!

No -- If you look on the lock or the back of the door for a manufacturers label?

If you do not know the make of your garage door please use this PDF Guide to
help identify your springs
- Garage Door Spring Guide  Adobe

If you cannot open the PDF File please download the latest version of Adobe Reader Get Adobe Reader

When ordering springs you first need to know!

The make of Garage Door?

The length of the spring over the coils?

How many coils make up the spring?

The diameter - Any colour markings?

The width and height of your garage door?

How will I know the make of my Garage Door?

First look on the Garage Door Lock / Handle for a name, ie Henderson, Hormann, Garador...

Look on the inside of the door for any lables ie, Cardale, King, Apex.....

Do you have a manufacturers handbook?

If you still cannot find the make of your garage door, please email a photo to me
and I shall try to identify it for you!

GDS UK Garage Door Spares LTD - Company No: 7222652 Vat No: 934 6857 83

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Henderson Garage Door Springs
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Garador Garage Door Springs for models including Mk3C and Mk4F
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Apex Springs
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Arcadian Door Gear
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King Main Canopy Overhead Springs
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Westland & Garador Springs
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All the extras to fit your springs
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